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Penis Satan

the digital afterlife of a street art icon

statue to pixels


By removing the statue of Penis Satan, you are taking from us our freedom of expression, restricting our sexuality, and stigmatizing our religious beliefs. Please return him immediately. ~ Chavi Alvarez


Penis Satan is fucking dank ~ Sam Osborn


This statue is glorious! ~ Helen Hogeterp 


Penis satan is my only god ~ Jacob Schwinghammer


As citizens we have right to make our home as we see fit. It is unfair that all must be politically correct because of a few prudes. Move aside, it is our generations turn to make the rules. ~ Steven Zalagenas


It represents freedom of speech and being able to express art without compromise ~  Maziar Tahmasebpour


This was a really funny statue and I think it's really progressive for the art world. ~ Paige Rohrick


The statue is made of a rare material: awesomeness. ~ Sam Knaip 


I think that this statue is a work of art that was created with considerable effort and that it represents a bold statement about the relevance of religious symbology in today's world. Bring it back, please. ~ Lise Dahl 


Because good dick is important to me. ~ Kristen Goodall 


free him ~ Gemma Goletski


The anatomically-correct Satan statue reminds us that there is still hope in the world, even on our darkest days. ~ Frances Beswick


THIS IS IMPORTANT ~ Michelle Hanley 




I'm signing because I believe that Sir Mr. Dr. Penis Satan should be brought back because his penis needs to spread his Satan Babies all over the men and women of the world.  `~ Micheal Williams 


Penis Satan represents religious equality for Satanists, in a Christian dominated society. In today's age it's common to see crosses or religious statues in the public. If Penis Satan cannot be displayed to the public, then crosses etc., should be removed as well, out of respect for other religious beliefs. ~ Taylor McGugan

He is a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak dystopia. ~ Simone Dahl 


This is art. And religion. And to deny the city freedom of religion and art you are being selective and oppressive. If this statue is to be taken down so should the crosses on all hospitals and churches. ~ Ellen Scorcesi 


"for it's an idea of free people" ~ Bárdossy Szabolcs

The old goat deserves his day. Hail Satan! ~ Mack Fuller

Even Satan's erection deserves support. ~ Adam Staudacher

Art's greatest triumph is when it can evoke emotion, spark interest and controversy, and bring a community together. This piece has done all of these things. ~ Simone Plusa 


Art should not be 'judged', as it is an expression of a feeling and is supposed to push the boundaries of our imagination.

This statue will have as many meanings as it does viewer ~ Brad Seaward

God wants this. ~ Jonathan Lee

We need that dang statue ~ Kipp Thompson


LQDXXNC (pronounced Liquid Essence) is an art collective based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
We specialize in creating art that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

We acknowledge we are on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.


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