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Penetrating coverage of Penis Satan

The news media has a hard-on for Vancouver's naughty devil statue. 


‘Penis Satan’ statue is back and erected online - May 5, 2022

Vancouver 'Penis Satan' statue now augmented reality app

CTV Vancouver - May 5, 2022

Summoning The Raging Boner Of Satan

Distorted View Daily - May 4,  2022

Penis Satan: Vancouver's horny devil is ready for round two

Daily Hive - May 3, 2022


Erect your own ‘Penis Satan’: Raunchy Vancouver devil statue pops up again

Vancouver is Awesome - May 2, 2022

Notre correspondant à Vancouver David Thibodeau : La statue "Penis Satan"

Radio Canada - Publié le 12 septembre 2021

Vancouver's massive 'Penis Satan' statue has been 'res-erected' as NFT digital art

Vancouver is Awesome - September 7, 2021

New sculpture in Vancouver looks like guerrilla 'Satan' statue

Vancouver is Awesome - March 10, 2021


Five years ago, a giant statue of Satan with an erection enthralled Vancouver

Vancouver is Awesome - September 9, 2019


Kickstarter aims to “Bring Back Vancouver’s Beloved Penis Satan Statue”

Daily Hive Vancouver - December 17, 2017


Another Naked Devil Statue Appeared in VancouverNotre correspondant à Vancouver David Thibodeau : La statue "Penis Satan"

Vice - August 14, 2015


Someone Keeps Putting Naked Devil Statues Up In Vancouver

Buzzfeed News - August 14, 2015


Another naked devil has appeared in East Vancouver and this time there's no penis

Georgia Straight - August 13, 2015

The 10 Most Terrifying Public Statues

Artnet - July 2, 2015

Scary Street Art - Portraying Daemons and Satan

Widewalls - March 12, 2015

Penis Satan statue's saviour could be Kickstarter

Vancouver is Awesome - September 18, 2014


Giant Erection Waving Devil Statue Pops Up In Canada

Back2Stonewall - September 13, 2014


Horny Satan Statue Causes Panic, Confusion in Canada

Artnet - September 13, 2014


Multiple petitions call on Vancouver to re-erect lewd Satan statue

BC CTV News - September 13, 2014

Vancouver's 'Giant Satan with an Erection' statue: To bring back or not to bring back? - September 12, 2014

Pranksters ‘Erect’ Naked Satan Statue In A Vancouver Park
Geeks of Doom - September 12, 2014


Satan Statue Sporting Giant Phallus + Devil Horn Salute Removed From Vancouver Junction

Loudwire - September 12, 2014


Some in Vancouver Prefer Satan to Christopher Columbus

Bloomberg - September 12, 2014


Well-Endowed Satanic Statue Mysteriously Appears In Vancouver

Metal Injection - September 12, 2014


Mystery of 9ft naked devil statue with giant PENIS that sprung up in park overnight

Mirror UK - September 12, 2014


This Guy Started a Petition to Return a Massive Boner-Wielding Satan Statue to East Vancouver

Vice - September 11, 2014


Petitions call for return of naked 'Penis Satan' after Vancouver removes lewd statue from park

National Post - September 11, 2014


Petition wants devil statue with erect penis back up in Vancouver

Toronto Sun - September 10, 2014


Vancouver removes devil statue with erect penis

UPI - September 10, 2014


Naked Satan Statue Has Vancouver Locals Asking, ‘What The Devil?’ 

Huffpost - September 10, 2014


Naked, erect Satan statue, with devilish details, put up, then removed from Vancouver park

New York Daily New - September 10, 2014


Naked devil statue erected near SkyTrain line

CBC - September 9, 2015


Satan statue with porn-star penis taken down by City of Vancouver

Georgia Straight - September 9, 2014

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